Lean ACEs

Lean/6 Sigma ACEs

At Efficiency Engineers, we are your expert partner and source of tools, methods and coaching for effective process and project management to achieve continuous and measurable improvements. Let us be your ACE partner to enable process innovation, project implementation, and assure skills and knowledge transfer to clinical and business operations throughout your organization.

Process Innovation Assessment & Planning

Process Innovation strategies require solid foundations and planning to achieve desired results. As these programs are developed or enhanced, there are several critical keys for success. Efficiency Engineers assist in defining structure, what to measure and how to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Implementation & Change Management

Whether your team has little or vast experience in organizational innovation and change, Efficiency Engineers can help you utilize process and project management tools more effectively. This is made possible through expert project and change management, as well as process improvement.

Training & Coaching

To implement and sustain your Process Innovation strategies, all levels of staff need to understand the methods, tools, and concepts. Efficiency Engineers offers expertise in both developing and presenting Lean and 6 Sigma training, and also provide coaching to ensure your team will continue to deliver excellence in their improvement efforts.