Our History

In 1994, Productivity Management Consultants (PMC, Inc.), was founded by Michele Stuart in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, with the vision of providing operational excellence solutions to regional, national and global customers. PMC started by leading management improvement, cost reduction, and system analysis projects. The team’s technical expertise provided realistic solutions to complex problems. Over the last two decades, Michele and her team have built a solid reputation by forming teams of consultants who are experts in industrial engineering and information technology, as well as statistical and data analysis.

Our team has developed trusted partnerships across various industries, successfully completing over 200 projects. With a results oriented methodology, our customers have requested additional projects for value added services on 84% of all engagements. Moreover, 60% of customers have a continuing relationship with our engineers lasting five or more years.

During June 2009, Efficiency Engineers after the rebranding of the former company name of PMC. Although the core competency continues to be process and technology optimization, Efficiency Engineers as a name better reflects what the team actually does in comparison to PMC.

Major Milestones

Efficiency Engineers celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2016! The last twenty-two years have seen a lot of change and Efficiency Engineers is excited to see what the future holds. 2016 has seen our President and Founder receive the Entrepreneur of the year award from the Society of Women Engineers, a global professional society reaching 43 countries.

In 2010, Efficiency Engineers began working with their first major health care client; a relationship that continues to present day. The team’s focus continues to be healthcare and has facilitated change in all sizes of healthcare organizations. We partnered with a large hospital system in 2015 and 2016 to complete one of Epic’s best implementations of an Electronic Medical Record system!

In 2009, PMC was selected to be solutions partner for the Ben Franklin Technology Partners Solutions Network, an international model for innovation in technology-based economic development that works to diversify and strengthen Pennsylvania's economy by focusing on entrepreneurial development and technological innovation.

Steady incremental growth progressed over the years. The largest software selection and implementation project for manufacturing was completed in 2008 requiring over 500 hours of training. 2006 saw total revenue quadrupled from 2005.
Officially PMC became incorporated in 2004. This year they presented at the International Winter Simulation Conference in Washington, DC, showcasing the benefits and results of manufacturing simulation.

In 2003 an alliance was formed with the Manufacturers Association of Berks County, a solutions and training consortium now under the auspices of the Reading Chamber of Commerce. The largest project they supported in 2003 was a software selection and implementation for a chocolate and confection manufacturer.

PMC’s first long term client, Sequins International, Inc. started teaming up with their consultants in 2000. They have utilized their expertise continuously through to present day for projects such as workflow analysis, ERP implementation and data mining.

In 1999, PMC became key consultants for National Penn Bank’s Manufacturer’s Group. We also became a Lehigh University Research Partner, where we began allowing students to gain experience in actual projects. This dedication to mentoring students continues to be a professional service provided by PMC to this day.