Manufacturing: Process & Technology Optimization

Efficiency Engineers' core expertise is derived from the manufacturing industry. With a diverse set of skills, Efficiency Engineers can bring optimization to any process through the following methods and techniques:

• Creating simulation models to provide accurate and comprehensive data from which to make knowledgeable future decisions.
• Evaluating the effectiveness of layout structure, staff activities and material handling.
• Gaining a thorough understanding of how your current software system works and gathers data.
• Learning the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding a new software purchase.
• Training employees in pertinent skills, tools and technology to sustain process improvements.

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Case Studies

Textile Manufacturer of Trimmings & Fringes
ERP Optimization

Small Manufacturer & Distributor of Industrial Brushes & Brooms
Staff Workload Assessment & Re-Design

Creative Child Development Products
Productivity Assessment for High-Speed Labelers
Process Improvement for Packing

13-Man Machine Shop & Custom Fabricator
Machine Shop Software Selection & Implementation, Staffing Design, Layout Optimization, Workload Analysis

Motors & Control Engineering, Design, & Assembly
LEAN Implementation, ERP Software Selection

Acoustic Guitars, Strings & Accessories
Process Optimization

Toy Model Kit Building & Die-Cast Vehicles
Warehouse Re-Design

Develop, Manufacture & Distribution Stainless & Specialty Alloys
Training Seminars on Cost Initiatives

Artisan Bread Manufacturer
Simulation Modeling

Food & Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions
Workflow Analysis, Business Case/Cost Analysis, Staffing & Scheduling Design, Workload Analysis, Process Mapping, Project Management

Premium Chocolate & Confectioner
ERP Implementation, Companywide Productivity Assessment

Lollipop Confectioner
Ergonomic and Work Design Analysis