Simulation Modeling

Changes to existing processes can be an expensive proposition without first careful study and analysis. Often, testing a proposed change would be too costly, time-consuming or otherwise resource-wasting to execute in real life.

Efficiency Engineers’ experts imitate real-world processes in an environment where they can be accelerated, studied, adjusted and analyzed to achieve desired results or improvements. Simulations handle the complexities of real-world processes that simpler mathematical models cannot accommodate by incorporating random number generation to capture the natural variations of a process within the confines of probability distributions.

Common Issues Where Simulation Modeling Can Help
• Running out of production capacity
• Need to improve product quality
• Need to produce additional product
without expensive line renovations
• ROI justification of a capital investment

In Healthcare:

• Running out of capacity in ER/ED/inpatient beds
• Waiting times are too long in OR, ER/ED, or clinical testing
• Nurses are a scarce resource, so how are they best utilized
• Expansion – when, what, and how should this be handled
• Unit staff has ideas to improve patient contact time

Main Benefits
• Easy to use & affordable
• Improved processes and systems based on desired change or effect
• Produces in-depth knowledge of a system and how the pieces interact
• Careful analysis often reveals previously undetected problems
• Enables a team to try any and all innovative ideas without risk
• Great way to show the realistic benefits to gain buy-in for change

Efficiency Engineers’ Expertise
Due to the complex nature of simulations, the proper design and execution requires training and experience in the conceptual aspects of simulation methodology as well as intimate knowledge on the use and operation of specific simulation software.
We incorporate expertise in process analysis, optimization, probability and statistics, and computer programming in order to provide the most thorough and accurate models yielding useful and reliable results.

- Client Testimony -
“The simulation justified spending. It proved to be accurate and set the groundwork for spending over $100,000. We were able to produce more with the same amount of people.”

Download how a manufacturing company benefits from Simulation Modeling.

Download how a healthcare company benefits from Simulation Modeling.