Service-Based Business: Process & Technology Optimization

Service-based businesses need to optimize the flow of people, paperwork and information. Efficiency Engineers can help you gain a better understanding of your current situation to help you make data-driven decisions on how and where to invest your time and money. This includes:

• Creating simulation models to determine the necessary changes to obtain optimal outcomes in complex processes.
• Learning how to most effectively utilize your human and financial resources.
• Gaining a thorough understanding of how your current software system works and gathers data.
• Acquiring the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding a new software purchase.
• Determining if you are effectively inputting and extracting data.
• Training employees in pertinent skills, tools and technology to sustain process improvements.

Case Studies

Control Engineering Design Firm

Project Management Improvement

Full Service Marketing Support Organization: Graphic & Printing Services
Companywide Profitability Improvement

Automated Manufacturing Equipment & Services
Software Selection & Workflow Analysis

Aggregate Construction Materials Services
Process Mapping, Layout Optimization, Material Handling/Warehouse Design
Project Management

Kitchen/Bath Design & Construction
Software Selection & Implementation, Reorganization

Upper Bucks County YMCA
Staffing Selection , IT Manager Recruitment

Saucon Valley Fine Arts
Business Case: Cost Analysis

National Department Store Conglomerate
Warehouse Re-Design

Building Supply Distributor
Project Management, Workflow Analysis

Small Hardware Retailer
Systems Design, Business Information Extraction

Federal Energy Agency
Software and Database Design

International Defense Agency
Business Case/Cost Analysis, Project Management, Financial Planning